11 Reasons The Girl Who Can’t Stand People Is Actually The Perfect Girlfriend

She is most likely a girl who is well-read, and has an admirable understanding of various complex subjects. She is also very attuned with her emotions, and she has no problems expressing herself.
A lot of people will tend to wrongfully label ladies who don’t typically like to mingle with other people as anti-social. There is a stigma of weirdness attached to these kinds of ladies who like to keep to themselves. What a lot of people fail to realize is that these women aren’t necessarily anti-social, they are just selectively social.

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‘Aims’ n ‘Achievement’

‘Aim’ adalah sesuatu yang Anda harap akan dilakukan atau dicapai.
‘I aim to be a millionaire by the age of thirty.’
Kata kerja ‘achieve’ artinya berhasil melakukan sesuatu yang Anda niat untuk dilakukan.
‘I have achieved most of my goals for this year, but I still aim to get better at speaking English.’
Kata kerja ‘achievement’ merujuk pada sesuatu yang positif yang telah Anda lakukan atau dapatkan.
‘She has many achievements in the world of science.’
‘He says his greatest achievement is his two lovely daughters.’
Beritahu kami apa ‘aim’ atau tujuan Anda dan juga apa pencapaian atau ‘achievement’ Anda.

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